. . . I think I may have to reward myself w/ an Old Fashioned apple fritter on the way back into the city.
Regrettably, we will be away and will miss the festival again this year.

26th Annual Turkey Testicle Festival Web Site
Note the photo of a pile of raw testicles at lower right, and the link to "The Turkey Testicle Song."

For an account of the 20th Annual Turkey Testicle Festival, click here.
Thank you so much for posting that! A friend just retired and moved to Byron. Now I know why . . . and soon so will everyone else in our office! :twisted:

BTW - I can't say I've ever sampled a turkey testicle. Can anyone provide some insight?

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I was about to update the Turkey Testicle Festival information, though I am pleased LAZ is as enthusiastic about this event as I. Last year I advised:

Cathy2 wrote:
I was at a Gardening conference where people from all over the state attend. So you pick up some goofy information, one is the Turkey Testicle Festival in Byron, south of Rockford. I'm also on the cusp of getting pig snout sandwich recommendations for southern Illinois. Plus a taxidermied wild boar's head for my jungle room.

In Stern's Road Food, Good Food, they had an entry for Jigg's Barbeque just off the expressway in Oklahoma. They were known for serving up Turkey Testicles. We were on our way to visit my 90+ year old Grandfather, who would appreciate such treats. We ordered our food and inquired about the turkey testicles. They replied with a blank face they don't sell turkey testicles. I guess we never did figure out the magic words because no turkey testicles were ever available in the 2-3 visits we made.

I'm not sure I'll be able to go to the Turkey Testicle Festival, but I'd appreciate a report on the taste and how they were served.

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My post inspired someone to go:

Willy wrote:I've been trying to go to this for a few years, but no one whould ever go with me. Finally made it out to the 2003 fest. They're about the size of a lima bean and served deep fried, about 20 to serving (you get 1 serving with your price of admission-5 bucks). They have a fatty consistency about them with a little "gamey" tast as is found in most chicken organs (livers, gizzards). Not much else to so there. It's a huge biker hangout and beerfest. At least I checked it off of my "Life's list of things to do."


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Kman wrote:I can't say I've ever sampled a turkey testicle. Can anyone provide some insight?

As you will see if you read the account of the 20th festival, linked above, they taste more or less like gizzards.
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