. . . I think I may have to reward myself w/ an Old Fashioned apple fritter on the way back into the city.
Mad-town Chow Down

Per website as of today, relocating to "towndown" in 2013:


Outgoing phone message indicates business as usual (except that it's going to voicemail). Sad that even comely LTH-lass event participation couldn't save the current location.

That is a damn shame. Great food and very fair pricing are a tough combination to find.
I wonder if the pricing of the dishes did them in, they could have easily added a dollar or two to each dish and it would have still been a bargain.

That's a shame. Went here with some relatives for New Years last year and had a blast.

--- some things taste good with some sauces. ---

They are reopening at
2925 N Halsted St, Chicago, Illinois 60657

Some tastings going on this weekend thru Monday. There might still be openings for sunday/monday.

I just walked past their Halsted location a couple hours ago; there's a huge black wooden facade in front obscuring the entrance, but the interior looks really interesting.

This wasn't even on my radar, so I'm glad to hear the original was pretty well regarded.

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