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Blu57 Seafood and Small Plates

Blu57 Seafood and Small Plates
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    Post #1 - September 4th, 2017, 3:43 pm
    Post #1 - September 4th, 2017, 3:43 pm Post #1 - September 4th, 2017, 3:43 pm
    Jan and I went to Blu57 Seafood and Small Plates last night. The place has been open a month and consider themselves in a "soft opening" phase. There's no question that the food and ambiance are really good, but there's definitely a little shakeout necessary on a couple of dishes. They are a BYOB restaurant, so that's always a huge plus for me.
    We had the Prix Fixe menu to see what the chef was capable of.


    Overall, the dishes are inspired. The design of what's on the plate has been thought out.

    The tuna was excellent although a bit too spicy for me. The excellent crème fraiche couldn't quite cool down the bird's eye chili. But we loved it anyway.


    The Beet and Goat Cheese salad was very good, but nothing unusual.


    The Bison Short Rib was a great idea, however the broth was super salty and the bison dry. It would be better to use beef short rib and cut the salt by 75%. The baby carrots, fava beans, and baby bok choy were excellent.


    The scallop was cooked perfectly, with a nice light curry sauce and excellent pea puree. The lobster bisque was very flavorful but so salty as to make it inedible. That was really unfortunate.


    The duck dish was excellent and correctly seasoned. The itty bitty carrots were real cool, and I loved the little pearl onions and the shoot of broccoli.


    It's always good to close on a high note, and Blu57 did that. The mango dessert was outstanding! It was more of a custard than a mousse and was wrapped in a thin sheet of mango and topped with a sprig of mint, so it looked like a big carrot on the plate. It was served over a quenelle of sticky rice that had been sweetened with some sort of coconut liquid and put on a bed of sweetened oats. Tremendous!


    The only real issue is the heavy handedness of the salt in a couple of dishes. The mother of one of the investors waited on us and was going to take our comments back to the chef. Otherwise, we liked it and will be back. Value was good for the $85, as the portions were large (too large actually). The wine glasses are adequate, but if you're bringing a wine that would be best in specialized glasses, you'll want to bring those yourself.

    Blu57 Seafood and Small Plates
    5701 N Clark St.
    Chicago, IL — 60660
    John Danza