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Jang Choon Dong Korean BBQ--good or bad?

Jang Choon Dong Korean BBQ--good or bad?
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  • Jang Choon Dong Korean BBQ--good or bad?

    Post #1 - November 22nd, 2018, 11:13 pm
    Post #1 - November 22nd, 2018, 11:13 pm Post #1 - November 22nd, 2018, 11:13 pm
    I posted before, on Nov 1, asking if anybody had reports on Jang Choong Dong, at 9078 W Golf in Niles, though only specifying the name of the restaurant, and only in the title.

    If I list "my posts", or search on the name of the restaurant, I *NOW* get pointed to an append to "best korean bbq", however the restaurant name is not visible, and nobody would know what I am asking and thus not be able to answer. Searching through all 5 pages of the "best" entry, and having to re-enter the search term or it won't find it for each page, this name is only included twice, in lists of names, no comment on that restaurant.

    I have not been to a Korean BBQ recently, if ever, so please consider me ignorant. I think I went to one 25-30 years ago, and it was similar to a Japanese Steak House, but memory could be off, and restaurants have changed since then anyway. I'd like information without spending $40-50 and gaining 5 pounds. I want to schedule a dining group separate from LTH to go there.

    My guess is that some administrator moved my Nov 1 post to be an append to the "best korean bbq", and in that process the title of my post and thus the name of the restaurant was lost, since appends don't have their own title.

    Please DO NOT move this post. I need the name of THIS restaurant to be prominent. People may not open "best korean bbq" when they could answer my request for information, especially if they thought Chang Choong Dong was NOT good, information I could use.

    I am hoping somebody has been to the restaurant and can give me a thumbs up or down, and maybe explain the three price levels (that language problems prevented me from getting information on), whatever other add-ons might be desired, etc.

    If you don't like Chang Choon Dong, can you recommend another with a fixed price option, which is helpful for my dining group.
    --Carey aka underdog