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  • Post #61 - October 5th, 2015, 7:56 pm
    Post #61 - October 5th, 2015, 7:56 pm Post #61 - October 5th, 2015, 7:56 pm
    This one got lost among some other stuff I had saved but now is as good of a time as ever to throw it up. My Cubs came oh so close to hosting the Wild Card Play-In game but they finished one game behind the Pirates in the final standings which means the game will be played in Pittsburgh. Two teams with very loyal fanbases, one (Cubs) with the third best record in all of baseball and the other (Pirates) with the second best. One of these cities will suffer from a huge letdown come Thursday morning. An undoing of the three best teams in MLB all coming from the same division in the National League Central. All I know is whatever happens that both teams should be right back in the mix next year. Specifically the Cubs who should they lose might cause for the want of comfort which could result in the eating of a hot dog or an Italian beef or something like a pizza puff in order to feel better. If the Pirates lose I imagine some of their fans will be eating on Stuffed Banana Peppers, Pierogies, and Fried Fish Sandwiches. Some of the regional eat highlights from a trip I took with jimswside this past August. As always we hit up the classics and mixed in some lesser knowns. The hot dog portion of this endeavor can be seen HERE and you can find more from Pittsburgh HERE. I look forward to one day returning to town for a baseball and more urban exploration. It was a hot weekend but we made the most of it.

    Ricci's Hot Sausage

    Pittsburgh has lots of old school red sauce Italian type places and as I perused through some of their menus it became apparent that both Hot Italian Sausage sandwiches are popular around town as are banana peppers stuffed with hot sausage. This spot on the outskirts of town was hidden in a strip mall, some of the best spots are these days. We stepped in and were greeted with warm smiles and a very grateful welcome by the owners. I couldn't help but order a piece of the days special lasagna, it looked perfect sitting in there. An excellent rendition indeed.

    Italian Sausage Lasagna

    This little Italian style deli fit the description of so many others of it's type across the country. Display case of the days freshly prepared food was in front, fresh made sausage was also on display as were newspaper articles and family pictures on the wall. We were here to try their stuffed banana pepper which I mentioned is a popular eat in these parts. I asked the friendly owner how he stuffed the peppers and he told me they use the sausage machine. He got a tube that fits perfectly into a pepper and they fill them up using the machine. Brilliant. What it does is it keeps the texture of the sausage intact. Which I should add was a very good well seasoned recipe. I love the combo of banana peppers and sausage so this was one of my my favorite bites in town. You can get them as is or in sandwich for m where they put it in bread and top with sauce. Cheese is optional.

    Sausage Stuffed Banana Pepper on Bread with Cheese

    Cop out Pierogies

    I knew there would be pierogi in Pittsburgh it was just a matter of where. I had quite a few places on my list and Cop Out won out. This place is a weekend only operation ran by a former Pittsburgh cop and his family. We stopped in and I decided to go with an order of the farmers cheese with onion despite there being a crazy amount of lesser seen options ala cheesesteak and Reuben etc. By choosing a traditional filling I was gifted with the best pierogi I can remember consuming. The skin was so soft yet stable enough to hold the hot flavorful insides while the onion thrown on top was as good of a batch of fried onion as I've ever had the pleasure of ruining my breath with. Pittsburgh knows Pierogi.

    Farmer's Cheese Pierogi with Onion

    Muse Italian Club

    Acting out on a tip from a buddy at the gym we decided to take a little Friday late afternoon drive for a Western Pennsylvania favorite. Each Friday this social club in the town of Cecil hosts a fish fry. Fish Sandwiches are a favorite in these parts. It's somewhat odd since there is no ocean near but like many of the other stops along the Ohio River they have a strong tradition of eating fish sandwiches on Friday's. Busiest during lent but on the menu once a week thus popular year-round these are supposed to be one of the best fish sandwiches in the area.

    a peek inside

    From an article on the wall - "The women of the club have been serving the sandwiches for decades, getting paid in tips. Four or five of them get together each Thursday to prepare roughly 400 pounds of fillets, 600 pounds during Lent. In a process that takes as long as five hours, the women hand wash each piece of fish and pick out the bones. They take pride that the fillets are "clean." The menu also sported spaghetti and tripe but it was a Friday and we were there for the fish sandwich which would end up being pretty good. Maybe not the most remarkable fish sandwich one can have but certainly a good bar bite. I felt like I was somewhere in the Midwest. One day places like this one will be memories.

    Friday Fish Sandwich

    Primanti Brothers

    What's a trip to Pittsburgh without a stop into here? I had to do it and I had to go to the original one. We hit up the Strip District for lunch on the day we were leaving. After a respectable albeit boring fish sandwich at Wholey's we got to here right before the crowds in town to watch US woman's soccer team swarmed the place. Primanti Brothers got its start in 1933 and is now the symbol for food in Pittsburgh. You can get them at the Steelers games and Pirates games and I'm sure they're at the airport too. They take two thick pieces of Italian bread and stuff their Italian dressing based cole slaw into it with slice of tomato and fresh fries and your choice of meat. I tried the pastrami but think I should've gone mortadella to reach peak flavortown. I liked this more than maybe I should have since it was early afternoon and I had only had a beer. You can bet it's best enjoyed after a night out in the District. They stay open late for revelers of the night. Hopefully there wont be too many come late Wednesday. Go Cubs.

    Pittsburgh's Signature Regional Eat

    Ricci's Italian Sausage
    500 Pine Hollow Rd
    McKees Rocks, PA 15136
    (412) 331-9531

    Cop Out Pierogies
    350 Butler St
    Pittsburgh, PA 15223
    (412) 973-0068

    Muse Italian Club
    283 Muse-Bishop Rd
    Cecil, PA 15317

    Primanti Brothers
    46 18th St
    Pittsburgh, PA 15222
    (412) 263-2142
  • Post #62 - October 5th, 2015, 10:17 pm
    Post #62 - October 5th, 2015, 10:17 pm Post #62 - October 5th, 2015, 10:17 pm
    About 6-8 weeks ago, we were in Pittsburgh recently celebrating our friends' wedding. The culinary highlight of our weekend was two visits to Gaucho, a popular Argentinian restaurant near downtown. We didn't love the empanadas, but everything else was excellent. Get the Rosemary Braised Beef sandwich, or a small (not small) portion of beef and a salad. The charred bread on the side is a revelation.

    Gaucho Parilla
    1601 Penn Ave
    Pittsburgh, PA 15222
  • Post #63 - October 6th, 2015, 12:54 pm
    Post #63 - October 6th, 2015, 12:54 pm Post #63 - October 6th, 2015, 12:54 pm
    Nice report Beef!

    Pgh is my home away from home (I'm an adjunct prof at Pitt), so I know it well. Next time you're there, be sure to have a cooler with you so you can go to Parma Sausage down in the Strip. Their Sicilian sausage is the best Italian sausage I've ever had in my life. Truth.

    Sooo, you like wine and are looking for something good to read? Maybe *this* will do the trick! :)
  • Post #64 - October 6th, 2015, 2:07 pm
    Post #64 - October 6th, 2015, 2:07 pm Post #64 - October 6th, 2015, 2:07 pm
    definitely enjoyed the short time in Pittsburgh, really cool city - more banana pepper sandwiches next visit for sure. Fish fry spot at the local club was fun as hell. Yinzers seem to be good folk.

    I didnt get many pics - sorry for any duplicates. - here's a couple & some thoughts

    One of the first stops in town if I remember right was Triangle Bar & Grill


    enjoyed a cold beer and an Italian Sub from Triangle, decent meats, nice fresh italian dressing on the sub - Solid place.

    I think like most folks here I dig cevapcici(cevap for short) found a good one at Fredos Deli and my first taste of avjar(red pepper caviar) - awesome.


    Gotta stop at one of the oldest joints in the city for a drink - right.. Original Oyster House


    Didnt get a pic of the Baltimore House over in Pleasant Hills, PA. - Enjoyed some nicely prepared live from the coast blue crabs, as well as a couple lbs. of snow crab legs. Smokey old bar - but a good feast I thought.

    Primanti Bros. - I dunno - I had a couple bites of a sandwich from there - I really didnt like their slaw.

    Had way to many places to hit and too little time in Pittsburgh, id go back.

    Triangle Bar & Grill
    2122 Monongahela
    Pittsburgh, PA.

    Fredos Deli
    1451 Potomac
    Pittsburgh, PA.

    Original Oyster House
    20 Market Square
    Pittsburgh, PA.

    Baltimore House
    176 Curry Hollow Road
    Pleasant Hill, PA.
    R.I.P. jimswside - 5/2/16