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Have a friend who is working on a business concept for the chicago area and I'm playing aid to him as I have a lot of experience in government licensing issues. Does anyone have a reference to an attorney with experience in obtaining and understanding the regulatory requirements of the Chicago and Illinois liquor retail and dstribution laws?

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This is Chicago - it's who you know, right? I know a West Loop restaurant owner/franchisee who had no luck getting a liquor license UNTIL he pulled in/hired a lawyer pal who works for the Ala Carte empire.

You guessed it - the lawyer does so much business with the city, knows his way around$$$ - and the liquor license was granted very quickly after this lawyer was hired.

Moral to this story: Hire someone who really knows the ropes & the liquor commissioner - it will be worth it.


If you look at the jukebox companies they may be of help. I have heard more than once when you find one that will agree to refer you to an attorney your pretty much getting a license. This is for bars, restaurants and this is with the understanding that you are going to use their machines.

I'm sure they are getting a referrers fee too but hey this is or how it used to be done.

As far as liquor distribution in the Great State of Illinois you may want to learn a bit about this man http://www.answers.com/topic/bill-wirtz . He's got a pretty good grip on the entire state. This is the man who kept Seagram's from distributing there own brands here.

Yeah read down to "Wirtz Law" towards end of page.
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