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This is an interesting development reported by the Stew. The crunchy RP throwback, is being purchased by an organic farm in Michigan. Michael James will still be the operating manager (so I don't know if the food will change), but at least the lettuce on the Buffalo Burgers should be fresh :) Might be the start of a new trend. ... 7456.story
Hi- I read the article. It sounds like they have a new head chef, who is in the process of revising the menu. I know that the restaurant has had lots of financial problems over the years, and they were almost forced to close the restaurant a few years ago. The gentleman at Earth First, who bought the controlling interest in Heartland, comes to the Glenwood Farmer's market, which is right down the street from the Heartland. I've had their organic apples and cider a few times.

I used to visit Heartland a few times a year, but I have not been there in ages. I should try it again.

Thanks, Nancy
Posted November 11th 2012, 12:38pm
Hi- Has anybody been to this place since the farmer bought controlling interest in it? I was thinking about going there this evening. I used to really like this place, even though I could understand why somebody else would not like it. It had this funky kind of feel to it. Some people were not wowed by the interior of the place, but that did not bother me.

I just looked at the reviews on YELP, and they are mixed ever since the transformation. Apparently the service has gone down hill, and some people loved the food, and some people thought it was awful. I know that I am not going to get speedy service there, but that is okay. I used to really like the food there though, although I have not been there in years. How is the food? I can put up with so-so service, but I need half way decent food. Any recent experiences would be welcome. Thanks, Nancy
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