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Pasta & Noodles, January 20 @ 10 AM

Pasta & Noodles, January 20 @ 10 AM
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  • Pasta & Noodles, January 20 @ 10 AM

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    Chicago Foodways Roundtable

    Pasta and Noodles

    Presented by Kantha Shelke, PhD, Author, Food Scientist

    Saturday, January 20, 2018 at 10 AM

    New Year, New Meeting Locations!
    Bethany Retirement Community
    4950 North Ashland Avenue, Chicago 60640
    Directions and Parking
    Cost: $3.
    Free to Bethany Retirement Community residents. All are welcome!

    Pasta and noodles are so ubiquitous and popular that many nations around the world claim them as their own invention. In fact, their origins are as murky as ever, a destination that Kantha Shelke sets out for in this fascinating history. Journeying across five continents and through distant lands, she takes us on a delicious culinary adventure in order to learn more about one of the world’s most popular—and satisfying—foods.

    Shelke traces the evolution and examines the scientific qualities of this highly adaptable staple. From there she guides us from roadside noodle stalls in Singapore to an age-old traditional pasta company in Parma, Italy; from a state-of-the-art Japanese manufacturer to pasta makers in Brazil, Mexico, and United States. A toothsome look at the world’s comfort food, Pasta and Noodles reveals little known facts, tasty titbits, and cultural lore that will have you feeling satiated, indeed.

    KANTHA SHELKE PhD, CFS, is a Principal at Corvus Blue, a food science and research firm expediting development and commercialization of honestly healthful products and technologies. She previously held senior positions at ACNielsen, Ben & Jerry’s, Continental Baking and Grand Metropolitan, and is currently an adjunct professor teaching food safety regulation at Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore), and food law and bioresource technology at MCI (Innsbruck, Austria). She has appeared on television, radio and in print publications as a resource on the science and history of food and nutrition.

    This program is hosted by the Chicago Foodways Roundtable. To reserve, please e-mail:

    "You'll be remembered long after you're dead if you make good gravy, mashed potatoes and biscuits." -- Nathalie Dupree
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