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Posted April 17th 2007, 10:30am
I love my wife and I love Sun Wah.

My wife does not love Sun Wah.

This generally limits my Sun Wah visits to times when my dear wife is otherwise occupied--just like tonight :)

So, I'm planning to arrive there around 6:30 pm today, 4/17. Anyone who might like to join me is welcome. Either post here, email me, or PM me so I know how big of a table to get when I arrive.

(Any people beyond 8 people or so are on their own as far as getting another table. I'm heading there straight from work and I don't want to try and coordinate taking over multiple tables).


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Posted April 17th 2007, 10:56am
I'll be there! Hot and sour soup, steamed sole, oh yeah, I can taste it already.

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Posted April 17th 2007, 3:19pm
Glad you can make it, Octarine.

For the rest of you that might be on the fence, here are a few items that I'm fond of at Sun Wah that you could be having for dinner tonight:

BBQ Duck
Clams in Black Bean Sauce
Fish Fillet with Green Onion and Ginger
Salt-Baked Chicken
Roast Pig, Hong Kong Style (pictured below, courtesy of G Wiv)
....and more

Just look at that cracklin'

The more people show, the more stuff we can order.

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Posted April 17th 2007, 3:24pm
Michael I cannot join you but love Sun Wah too. Perhaps tonight you can answer the riddle that always vexes me there.

On the house BBQ sauce, the soy pepper thing. Are the peppers there to flavor the soy or the soy to flavor the peppers. In other words, is it a solid or liquid?

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Posted April 17th 2007, 3:30pm
I use just the liquid. I pick out the pickled pepper pieces.

Hey MikeG! We can make it an All Mike Night :-)

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Posted April 17th 2007, 3:33pm
Octarine wrote:I use just the liquid. I pick out the pickled pepper pieces.

Yeah, I think the chiles are there to spice up the liquid (which I think might be black vinegar rather than soy, if I remember correctly). I usually just spoon out the liquid.


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Posted April 17th 2007, 4:15pm
Mr. and Mrs G Wiv look forward to the joy of your company, not to mention roast baby pig.

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