Relive This Year’s Picnic

When the community was young, those of us who were part of it felt a sense of discovery whenever we interacted closely with one another.

Yes, everyone knew we were interested in restaurant dining. But it quickly became apparent (through the Cooking & Shopping forum) that was abundant with terrific bakers, beverage innovators, cooks, home brewers, picklers and pitmasters. Even the more modest cooks were quite discerning about where they shopped for baked goods and carry-out food.

So, to create an opportunity for sampling each other’s creations and unique food sources, birthed an egalitarian all-for-one-and-one-for-all picnic. Everyone brings a dish, effectively helping to host the event and make it unique. A picnic permit and piñata are paid for through a few dollars tacked on to the price of the Holiday Party.

The LTHForum Annual Picnic is a gift that keeps on giving. Come, sit down, and eat your food!

Click Here to read about the 2013 Picnic which was held on Sunday 9/22/13 at LaBaugh Woods.

Thanks to Catherine Lambrecht (Cathy2) for writing this page.


More or less meatless: Or, how I became a flexitarian

By Erin Fagan (efa23)

image (8)
Grilled eggplant and sautéed kale with Lebanese garlic sauce
garnished with stuffed pattypan squash

Aside from my ardent declarations of love for bacon, I usually keep my eating habits private. I don’t run around telling people what I will and won’t eat as a matter of courtesy. If you invite me to dinner, I’ll eat just about anything you put in front of me. So when I finally do get to choose what I would like to eat and ask for a vegetarian meal, some of my associates are often puzzled. “When did you become a vegetarian?” is a common question I hear. I usually have to correct people. “I’m not a vegetarian; I’m a flexitarian.” Inevitably, this revelation is met by a puzzled expression. So I explain.

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