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... Books, Thermometers (we're a licensed Thermoworks dealer), all the gadgets and goods you need to cook BBQ at home. Stop by on a Friday - grab your rub, your meat, wood, charcoal, gloves, sit and talk shop for a few, ask questions if you have any technique issues - then head home prepared for your ...
Bought Pork butt a while back for chop suey.
Weather turned nice lately and want to put it on a Weber charcoal grill.
Never tried this. Need seasoning suggestions for a rub.


Wally Wade
I've tried a few dry rubs of the grocery store variety and frankly I'm not enamored with any of them.
Are there any good ones readily available or am I just better off making my own?
Got a fairly simple mix you care to share?
Has anyone ever used this rub?
Wonder where i can score sum of this and some more info on the product.
What do you feel about brining chicken or turkey and then using a rub? Should it be one or the other before smoking?
Over the past couple years, I've been fortunate enough to receive helpings of a proprietary BBQ rub made by G Wiv, my BBQ Life Coach. The recipe for the rub is not shared and the only way to get some has been from G Wiv himself. Until now. The Spice House is now selling ...
Hey all, have some steak here I want to make into fajitas/tacos.

What do you all do to your meat for tacos?
... shoulder, and will be making my first Peoria Packing trip Thursday. The question I have is is it OK to use both an overnight brine AND a dry-rub, before grilling it on a disposable roasting pan? I'm hoping to get really succulent pork, but with enough spices to give it a latin, not southern ...