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    Post #1 - December 4th, 2023, 4:03 pm
    Post #1 - December 4th, 2023, 4:03 pm Post #1 - December 4th, 2023, 4:03 pm
    I'm a little late to this restaurant and was surprised to see it only marginally mentioned. I don't make too many forays to Logan Square, but had to go and rent skis for one of the kids. Across the street from Viking was Monster Ramen. Let's do a two-fer and get some lunch while we are down there. We get there around 1215 on a Sunday and it's already packed with the lobby full. The helpful staff got us on the list and gave a pretty honest guess about the wait, 30-45 minutes. I usually don't wait that long for food anymore, but we put our name on the list. We waited for a bit and then ran to get skis across the street. Long story short, we got the skis and they called us as we were putting the skis into the car.

    The food ... It was pretty excellent. I'm not a Ramen connoisseur, but I love a good bowl. We ordered dumplings as soon as we were seated. The girl didn't like them, but the boy finished them quickly. The Ramen itself was very good. I got the Shoyu Plus and the broth and noodles were excellent. The kids got the Shio and it was all gone. The girl even got the extra noodles. The broth choices depend on your mood and they were great. I would put them on par with Menya Goku. You can certainly tell that someone cares a lot about the components that go into the Ramen.

    That being said, being a little older, it's hard to justify waiting an hour for Ramen on a Sunday. I would also warn folks that it seems like the weekend crowd might be there to "brunch" more than eat and move.

    Monster Ramen
    3435 W Fullerton Ave
    Chicago, IL 60647
    (773) 770-9049