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Yellow Rose Cafe, Old School Diner

Yellow Rose Cafe, Old School Diner
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  • Yellow Rose Cafe, Old School Diner

    Post #1 - June 13th, 2020, 8:51 am
    Post #1 - June 13th, 2020, 8:51 am Post #1 - June 13th, 2020, 8:51 am
    Yellow Rose Cafe, last of a dying breed, Old School diner with stool seating and a few scattered tables, open early, close mid-afternoon. No Sundays. Chef/owner Angelo knows everyone who walks in the door and, if you are new, he will know your name by the second visit.

    Tip-top breakfasts, corned beef hash in particular, burgers, BLTs, tuna melt, plate lunches, house-made soup of the day, house-made jelly and a surprisingly potent house-made hot sauce. I typically order breakfast, three over easy, ham off the bone, grits and a pair of English muffins.

    Hyper reasonable prices, daily specials plus a white-board 2-eggs, 2-sausage, hash browns, toast, coffee for $6.49. I adore Yellow Rose Café, find Angelo charming in a gruff, friendly, archetype Greek diner owner fashion. Fast friendly service, large parking lot, cash only.

    Yesterday, after two long months of not being served food in a restaurant, the bride and I went to Yellow Rose for breakfast. Tables setup outside, keeping the new normal regs in mind, I was almost giddy with glee, its amazing what a friendly smile while pouring coffee will do for ones mood.

    Breakfast Bonus: Bride and I chatted with a lively 91-year-old, sharper than most, personable, conversation went on long after our delicious meal finished. Jimmy even pulled a fast one and bought our meal. I told him about Josephs Finest Meats, he went, loved the place and bought prime dry-age steaks. We’ve already chatted on the phone, I have a new BFF :)

    Chicago's Best Corned Beef (Hash): Yellow Rose Cafe

    Yellow Rose Cafe, count me a Fan!

    YRCP6.jpg Yellow Rose Cafe

    YRC1.jpg Yellow Rose Cafe

    YellowRose56.jpg "Lite" Breakfast

    YellowRose4.jpg Corned Beef Hash

    YellowRose2.jpg Tuna Melt

    YRCP4.jpg New Normal, Patio Breakfast

    YRCP5.jpg Jimmy, 91-years-young. My new BFF :)

    Yellow Rose Cafe  
    5640 N Elston Ave
    Chicago, IL 60646
    M - F 5:30AM–2:30PM
    Saturday 6AM–1PM
    Sunday Closed
    Large parking lot
    Cash only
    Hours may be different until the new normal fades to memory. Call.
    One minute to Wapner.
    Raymond Babbitt

    Low & Slow