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Bistro Chen - Arlington Hts Chinese/Sushi

Bistro Chen - Arlington Hts Chinese/Sushi
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  • Bistro Chen - Arlington Hts Chinese/Sushi

    Post #1 - October 8th, 2020, 7:41 am
    Post #1 - October 8th, 2020, 7:41 am Post #1 - October 8th, 2020, 7:41 am
    I'm on record of hating on places that mix Asian cuisines for the sake of just inclusion (Thai/Sushi is my nemesis. You're almost guaranteed an insipid Pad Thai and cold, overpacked, sticky nigiri rice). But we've been to Bistro Chen twice now since the pandemic restrictions on the strength of the Venn diagram intersection of "Outdoor Dining" and "Sushi."

    (note: dishes listed below are across two different meals -- we didn't eat all this at once)
    I'm very impressed with the Chinese dishes on their menu: the egg roll was fat, crisp with a nice bit of peanut butter; salt-and-pepper calamari were very tasty, moo shu pork is a soft pitch but a solid base hit, and crispy beef was spot on. The hot and sour soup is decently hot and sour (but no replacement for lost, lamented Pine Yard).

    I'm less impressed with the sushi: the nori did not appear to be toasted, leaving something of a saran-wrap texture. SueF was also disappointed that there's only a couple of the deluxe rolls that don't include some raw fish (she prefers shellfish). The yellowtail/scallion roll which was part of their "Sushi for One" ($22 with one 'basic' roll and 8 pieces of nigiri with soup or salad) was somewhat fishy. But the rice is perfect and not overpacked, and the nigiri were all very good. Selection is currently limited due to low traffic -- they won't stock what won't get eaten -- the 8 nigiri were two salmon, two tuna, and one each of unagi, snapper, shrimp and white tuna (which I suspect was escolar from its uniform texture).

    They've got a beautiful patio out back with four or five well-spaced tables, and a couple heaters (not needed last night). Service is friendly and attentive. Give them some business... but maybe stick to the Chinese dishes.

    Bistro Chen
    0 E Miner St, Arlington Heights, IL 60004
    (847) 255-9080
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