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Comfort Desserts Reimagined - Pastry Shop in Evanston

Comfort Desserts Reimagined - Pastry Shop in Evanston
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  • Comfort Desserts Reimagined - Pastry Shop in Evanston

    Post #1 - June 9th, 2021, 12:51 pm
    Post #1 - June 9th, 2021, 12:51 pm Post #1 - June 9th, 2021, 12:51 pm
    They have only been open a week or two. Here's the story:

    A bakery, a coffee shop and a plant shop opening soon here by Jeff Hirsh in Evanston Now

    As you can see, the awning still has the name of the previous occupant of the space. I bought several things a little while ago, and haven't tried any yet. But I took photos!

    Comfort Desserts Reimagined
    517 Dempster St
    Evanston, IL 60201
    (847) 905-0101
    Wednesday 8AM–5:30PM
    Thursday 8AM–5:30PM
    Friday 8AM–8PM
    Saturday 8AM–8PM
    Sunday 10AM–2:30PM
    Monday Closed
    Tuesday Closed

  • Post #2 - June 10th, 2021, 9:43 am
    Post #2 - June 10th, 2021, 9:43 am Post #2 - June 10th, 2021, 9:43 am
    Fortuitously, I dropped in yesterday while picking up my bike from the nearby Pony Shop, and I have to say, Paula Haney at Hoosier Mama finally has a bit of competition for best pie in Evanston.

    I cannot resist any citrus curd pie, and the lemon blueberry served yesterday was a "best in class" pie. It hit the perfect balance between sweet and tart - a point often missed by less skilled bakers. And the curd was absolutely laden with plump, fresh blueberries.

    If I were not trying to drop my COVID layer, I would have happily gone for seconds, and for that matter, thirds.

    As I understand it, the owner is a (semi)-retired executive. He was a delight to chat with - offered me a free cup of New Orleans style coffee (also excellent!) - and he wants the bakery to act as an outlet for his creativity.

    Full pies are offered for sale - and in a throwback to earlier times, all pies are sold in a glass pie dish. There is a $5.00 deposit, refunded when the dish is returned.

    It was late in the day, and selection was limited. I believe there was passion fruit pie available, and perhaps guava, as well. I think all the key lime pies were sold out - although a piece or two was left. Given the excellence of the lemon blueberry, I am planning to get myself a key lime pie for my August birthday.

    There were also single serving bread puddings - and again, but for weight control, I would have tried the goat cheese - cherry, which looked awesome. I think there was a chocolate bread pudding, as well.

    Best of all, this is a tiny shopfront, reminding me of the original Hoosier Mama in Ukrainian Village - and as such, with a handful of tiny tables, provided a quiet bit of civilization in the midst of downtown Evanston. It was just awesome to be able to sit down, cool off, and treat myself to a perfect piece of pie.

    I am hopeful that the owner finds this place an appropriate outlet for his creativity, and continues to bake his wonderful pies. I will be back!