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Yasotorn Thai Cuisine - Evanston

Yasotorn Thai Cuisine - Evanston
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  • Yasotorn Thai Cuisine - Evanston

    Post #1 - January 14th, 2022, 4:17 pm
    Post #1 - January 14th, 2022, 4:17 pm Post #1 - January 14th, 2022, 4:17 pm
    (From 2021 O&C's)
    nr706 wrote:Opened Tuesday 10/12 in the old Siam Pasta location. (Note the rooftop space.) Visited Friday.

    Yasotorn Thai Cuisine
    809 Dempster St.
    Bumping this from two months ago. I didn't let this sink in and came across it on Google maps and wondered how the hell LTH missed it. The unsurprising answer is they didn't. I should've gotten here sooner nr706 (Tom?). If anybody has been, let me know, I'll be trying it out within a week.
    Took me a little more than a week, but I got carry-out from Yasotorn last night. I faired better than nr706. Seemed like a common complaint online was flavors not being intense enough. I asked for extra spicy on the "Spicy Basil Leaves" chicken entree. They responded "Thai hot?" and I eagerly approved. It was equivalent to the 4-5 on Aroy's scale that I was looking for. That's tougher to find around here than you'd think, so I was impressed. Tiger Cry was also nice and tender as an appetizer. More vetting to do, but offering actual heat is a strength that can't be ignored.