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Mi Restaurante Mount Prospect Mexican

Mi Restaurante Mount Prospect Mexican
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    Post #1 - May 11th, 2022, 6:48 pm
    Post #1 - May 11th, 2022, 6:48 pm Post #1 - May 11th, 2022, 6:48 pm
    I've posted about Mi Restaurante a couple times, it's about time it gets its own thread. It's in the Brentwood Square shopping center at Wolf and Kensington roads (where Photo's used to be), and ignore the misspelled "Mi Restuarante" on the digital sign that's been wrong for a decade.

    It's my second-favorite local Mexican restaurant -- I prefer Monica's in Prospect Heights for their table salsa, barbacoa burrito, and cecina -- but Mi Restaurante is close enough to walk to, and has outdoor seating, which has been a delight in these last two years of the whathaveyou.

    I'm very fond of their torta milanesa, it's my go-to for lunch when I go there, and they have the creamy-style green salsa I'm fond of (although their red is more fiery). It's also got a few items that I don't see elsewhere in the burbs: Carne en su jugo , and new as of today's new (and unfortunately pricier) menu: Quesabirria. It's res (beef) not chivo (goat), but it's delicious. $14.25 the dinner includes three quite-stuffed birria and cheese quesadillas and a cup of rich, smoky, spicy consommé. Note that it's not on their online menu yet.

    SueF is very fond of their chicken flautas (although not as crisp as the ones we first had at the long-gone Evanston Los Magueyes).

    Service is quick, although in the outdoor seating not always the most attentive.

    Mi Restaurante
    1742 E Kensington Rd, Mt Prospect, IL 60056
    (224) 217-5139
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