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Shang Noodle (Multiple Locations)

Shang Noodle (Multiple Locations)
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  • Shang Noodle (Multiple Locations)

    Post #1 - March 2nd, 2023, 2:22 pm
    Post #1 - March 2nd, 2023, 2:22 pm Post #1 - March 2nd, 2023, 2:22 pm
    Shang Noodle now has locations in Evanston, the South Loop, and Streeterville. I have only been to the one in Evanston.

    We had an Evanston Lunch Group™ lunch there in October 2017. There are plenty of photos and comments in the topic for the group lunch (click here).

    I went back again today for lunch. The food was excellent and the service was very friendly and efficient.

    Here's what we had:

    Spicy Chili Shrimp - fried crispy shrimp sauteed with celery, scallions, cucumber, red peppers - I LOVED this dish. Very nicely spicy/hot while not over the top, tender, not overly greasy, and a huge portion size. Those who have enjoyed dry chili chicken at Lao Sze Chuan when it was at its best will love this dish too.
    Kung Pao Shrimp - with water chestnut, bell peppers, celery, dry red chili, peanuts - This was very good too.
    Triple the Fun - sauteed shrimp, chicken, beef, broccoli, carrots, water chestnut, baby corn (I didn't try this)
    Wood Ear Mushroom with Fish - swaii fillet sauteed with wood ear mushrooms, red pepper, bamboo, scallions, garlic (I didn't try this)
    Taro Milk Tea - Excellent.
    Shang Noodle

    Shang Noodle Evanston
    608 Davis St, Evanston IL 60201
    Tel. 847-859-6868
    7 Days A Week 11am - 9pm

    Shang Noodle & Asian Small Plates
    1101 S Wabash Ave, Chicago IL 60605
    Tel. 312-488-0820
    Breakfast Hours: Mon - Fri 6am - 10am / Sat - Sun 7am - 10am
    Lunch & Dinner Hours: Sun - Thur 11am - 10pm / Fri - Sat 11am - 11pm

    Shang Noodle Streeterville
    215 E Grand Ave, Chicago IL 60611
    Tel. 312-285-2218
    Sun - Thur 12pm - 10pm / Fri - Sat 12pm - 11pm