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What happened to Pequod's Pizza... [+ Burt's Place]

What happened to Pequod's Pizza... [+ Burt's Place]
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  • - March 27th, 2006, 4:17 pm
    - March 27th, 2006, 4:17 pm Post #31 - March 27th, 2006, 4:17 pm
    JeffB wrote:I've always wondered, although the pizza bears little resemblance to something from New Haven, is the whaling and Moby Dick theme intended to convey a Connecticut connection?
    Hello all. I'm an occasional lurker here at LTH who finally decided to sign up and be heard. I've been a frequent poster at and found that site to be very helpful in my travels. However, as a native Chicagoan, I thought it might be nice to discuss local spots with those who are closer to the source. So here I am. I have a very dry sense of humor which is occasionally mistaken for hostility. I promise I'm not hostile. Just a smart-a**. Not sure, can you say a** on this site?

    Anyway, the thing that prompted me to sign up here was this particular thread, in which I am an expert. You see, I have worked for Burt Katz, the original owner of Pequod's(and Gulliver's, and The Inferno in Evanston in the early '60s for that matter), for over 30 years.

    JeffB, you are correct in your assumption about the whaling connection, "Pequod" is the name of the ship in "Moby Dick". There is, however, no connection to Connecticut or any other whaling area intended. Burt just loves classic literature (hence the name of his other past glories, Gulliver's and The Inferno, as in Dante's), "Moby Dick" in particular. He always said, "I just like the name. If I'd opened a shoe store, I would have named it 'Pequod's'."

    That said, I can assure you that the current owner(Burt sold the place in 1986; he was burnt out), has no appreciation for the significance of the name or the level of quality which Burt instituted and cultivated. Unless the current proprietor has changed radically, he has the sexual maturity and intellect of an eighth grader, hence the lady's underwear stretched across the whale's head in his current logo. This also explains the underwear tacked up to the walls and beams in the Morton Grove location(I've never been to the Clyborn spot, so I don't know WHAT they've got hanging on the walls there. One can only imagine).

    I could go on and leave myself open to a defamation suit, but I think it best to focus on the positive aspects of Burt's Place in Morton Grove, Mr. Katz's current location. Located at 8541 N. Ferris in Morton Grove, two blocks west of the original Pequod's, Burt has maintained his original concept of outstanding pan pizza in a warm inviting atmosphere of natural wood panelling, antique radios, and conversation friendly jazz, blues, and classical music.

    Burt's Place is open Wednesday through Friday for lunch, and Wednesday through Sunday for dinner. The phone is unlisted so here it is for all interested parties; (847) 965-7997. Anyone who remembers Pequod's pre '86 will want to check this out.


    P.S. Burt has no part in this posting or the opinions expressed herein. I worked as Burt's headwaiter on the weekends back in Pequod's heyday. I continue to work there on most Saturday nights. If you would like to discuss the opinions expressed here, you can do so on this forum or come in for a pizza on a Saturday evening, we'd love to see you.