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Trip to St. Louis

Trip to St. Louis
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  • - April 8th, 2015, 9:56 am
    - April 8th, 2015, 9:56 am Post #211 - April 8th, 2015, 9:56 am
    Great post, jimswside! I especially appreciate your thoughts on Cahokia. From what I hear on local radio, they are an Illinois budget crisis victim. The state will no longer fund their brochures and they are looking for private donations. Seems like a UNESCO World Heritage site deserves a bit more respect.

    I agree that Protzels is a terrific place - such an institution. While the corned beef is excellent, I was even more impressed with their Matzoh Ball Soup. I asked the owner if they use schmaltz, which I could have sworn I tasted. He said they did not, out of health concerns, but I still wonder how they got the effect.


    stevez wrote:Jim,

    Nice post. I had no idea that STL was such a hotbed of Cajun cooking.

    Actually, stevez, I have learned that the connections to Louisiana are deep here. St. Louis hosts the second largest Mardi Gras celebration in the US, mostly in Soulard. Molly's is the place there that I associate with gumbo, but there are others. Our top - really only freestanding - fish market is Bob's Seafood (at 170 and Olive) which began in the 70's with Bob Mepham, a local guy, driving weekly to the Louisiana coast for fresh seafood.

    Within the St. Louis culinary community the NOLA influence is strong, though I am not certain about the Cajun connection specifically. Sauce magazine did a piece on local chefs with Louisiana roots a couple of years ago, featuring, among others, Chef Josh Galliano (The Libertine) and Pastry Chef Simone Faure. Simone Faure came here after a post-Katrina stint in FL and landed at the Ritz Carlton until she and Beard Nominee Ben Poremba teamed up on Patisserie Choquette in Botanical Heights. She is totally a kick as a chef-presenter - my vote for best new TV chef personality. I took a class from her last winter and she is truly charismatic, as well as talented, (though when I reflected my wish to see her on TV she protested.) I would put her pastries up against any I have had - NY, Chicago, Paris, Vienna - all amazing. Here is a pic of her in action, and the lemon tart she demonstrated:


    Thanks again, jimswside, you are inspiring me to get out there and eat!
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