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Charleston, SC Suggestions

Charleston, SC Suggestions
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  • - September 29th, 2014, 4:43 pm
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    Charleston, Georgetown and Orangeburg SC

    Mt. Pleasant.
    Boone Hall Market Cafe.
    Heading north to Georgetown and the beaches just beyond, at the northernmost reach of Mt. Pleasant we passed the large Boone Hall farm stand on the opposite side of the road surrounded by fields, then the cafe on the northbound side.

    One of the Sunday specials was an $8.95 Shrimp and Grits, so I figured at that price I should forego my instinctive aversion to cheese, corn meal and shrimp with smoky andouille. And I'm glad I did. In summary, every time we switched plates I inwardly tried to grab back this very tasty bowl.

    The similarly priced short rib special with fried okra was no slouch either.

    They make their own ice cream, and it was good. Maybe not drive out of your way good, but better than any port in a storm good.

    For the permanent record:

    The third oldest town in SC, a fabulous natural harbor and still a thriving International Paper paper mill. Pray for friendly winds when you visit. Independent Seafood, a wholesale/retail shrimp dock directly on the harbor was where we sourced fresh shrimp, flounder and grouper. And a $4.95 bag of locally ground white grits when similar products were $8.95 everywhere else. ... 5444130589

    All this bounty resulted in another first--shrimp and grits a la casa. Shameless admission--I had packed andouille in advance anticipating just such an occasion.

    Grouper with linguine and marinara (photo shy) and flounder buerre noire.

    Back in Charleston for our last day/night, lunch at Bertha's Kitchen in North Charleston. Superior buttermilk brined fried chicken, vg mac and cheese and collards, so so red rice, okra and tomatoes and lima beans and execrably sweet cornbread.

    Before siesta, terrific ice cream at the absolute cleanest, best run cafe/fast food stand ever, anywhere. Ice cream was Kemp's Double Cream low over run restaurant pack, not too sweet and truly terrific at Ye Olde Cafe. A run don't walk for everything they serve.


    This agricultural town is about 35 minutes south of Columbia and maybe 80 min north of Charleston. It's where, we found the local farmers market at the fairgrounds transformed into Family Fun day. Camo clad buzz cut youths were directing parking. "Is there a farmer's market" I asked. "No. Family Fun. Move on." "But I just want to buy vegetables" I said. "Family Fun only. Move on."

    On the way out of town we found the Brown Derby II. It was 11:10AM Saturday when we pulled into the empty sun baked parking lot. It looked like a juke joint the morning after. Inside, however, we found treasure.

    A flat out, run don't walk make it point to get there at the top of your bucket list humble chef driven neighborhood soul food place. They opened at 11, and were still getting ready. This is the first thing we saw

    The bill of fare:

    What we ate, and would eat gladly again and again. Not sweet cornbread (thank goodness), excellent collards and fried okra.

    Pit cooked ribs (next time I'll ask for the mustard based sauce on the side)

    And after 20 minutes of cooked to order bliss--excellent fried chicken.

    The view from outside.

    Brown Derby II, 1397 Belleville Rd, Orangeburg, SC 29115
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