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Getting stuffed down south (IL, IN, KY & PICS)

Getting stuffed down south (IL, IN, KY & PICS)
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  • - May 13th, 2015, 8:23 am
    - May 13th, 2015, 8:23 am Post #31 - May 13th, 2015, 8:23 am
    Was down in Da Lou this past weekend and spent a large chunk of time on the Illinois side of the Mighty Mississippi. Had some business near O'Fallon and my buddy decided we had to have lunch at one of his favorites when he's around this way.

    Shooters Bar & BBQ

    I told my buddy to order what was good and we ended up with some amazing wings and a somewhat gimmicky rack of ribs. The wings were stuffed with jambalaya and smoked. Amazing. They reminded me of the stuffed wings at the Hmong Market in Milwaukee except better. The skin was perfectly crunchy and the meat was still pretty moist when bitten into to. The rice inside was like reaching the center of a blow pop.

    Jambalaya Stuffed Smoked Chicken Wings

    The insides

    The ribs he ordered were of the deep fried variety. They're smoked first and then dropped in the fryer with a bunch of dry rub sticking to them. Not awful by any means but not something you wanted to eat an entire rack of. It was almost like candy.

    Deep Fried Ribs

    After the meeting at the UA Local 101 in Belleville we headed over to Beast Craft BBQ Co. This is a new age BBQ spot with the pitmaster being a young bearded man with lots of tattoos and there being plenty of craft beer options to enjoy with your smoked meat.

    Beast Craft BBQ

    I liked the effort put into the place and judging by how packed it was the locals seem to love both it and the food. They use mostly local suppliers for everything from the meat which comes from a nearby farm to the pop which comes from Excel Bottling Company over in Breese, Illinois. The ribs were just ok. I'd describe them as Twin Anchors style with actual smoke flavor. Not the worst but not the best though they did have plenty of bark on them. More to come.

    Smoked Ribs

    Shooters Bar & BBQ
    113 E 1st St
    O'Fallon, IL 62269
    (618) 622-2227

    Beast Craft BBQ
    20 S Belt W
    Belleville, IL 62220
    (618) 257-9000