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    - November 4th, 2013, 11:34 am
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    Y'all know how much I love Madison. Saddens me to say but I can no longer call it the "best college town" in America after my inaugural trip to ATX. I had no idea they're pushing close to a million as there's over 150 people a day moving here so it's also a metropolis. You could see/feel that as there was building after building going up. Both condos and hotels. In fact I lost track of how many Chicagoans I met. I thought Austin was about as good as you can get as far as a college town goes. As far as the food goes I ate some great tacos and BBQ and hit up as many of their famous food trailers as time allowed. I've got a few other posts I'm working on so you can get the full run-down HERE but I wanted to share a few of my favorite trailer park bites. Nope not tater tots with neon cheese and bacon bits. Trailer parks in Austin are empty lots where food stands set up shop.

    Love Balls Bus

    Trailers are found throughout town. Whether it's a strip mall parking lot or right outside of popular bars along 6th street or over on campus which is where the Love Balls Bus sits. They do the popular Japanese street side snack of Takoyaki (balls of batter cooked with chopped octopus) and it's served in a few different styles. I passed on the traditional toppings of savory brown sauce, kewpie mayo, powered seaweed and bonito flakes and tried the "Ponzu" offering My only regret was not ordering another batch. The ponzu marinated bean sprouts gave extra crunch to the balls which came with an explosion of flavor inside the mouth with each bite. Some shichimi red pepper kicked up the heat. Sensational snack.

    Ponzu Takoyaki

    You cant go to Austin and not get a breakfast taco. While their BBQ scene has really taken off (LTH report HERE) they've always been known for their breakfast tacos. I tried one from Torchy's that was pretty good and we also went to Tacodeli which was pretty great. But the taco that won best overall was this beauty below from the locally loved Mellizoz Tacos trailer. They take individual pieces of avocado and batter them in tempura before frying. Then a refreshing set of toppings goes on. Arugula, tomato, chipotle sherry vinaigrette and cotija cheese. Talk about the perfect taco for a 96 degree day.

    Fried Avocado Taco from Mellizoz Tacos

    I had heard or read that Austin didn't have real Mexican food and that's a myth. Check the link for the full report. We had as good of modern Mexican as anywhere at La Condesa and I spied tons of real deal taco trucks away from the more popular neighborhoods in town. Unfortunately I only had three days and did more than most would as was but still just touched the surface. Seeing as she's from Dallas a return trip wont be too long away. The trailers are special because each one brings something new to the scene as far as food goes. Whether it's African, Turkish, Peruvian, BBQ, Mexican, Vietnamese or a trailer creating a fusion of a couple of those cuisines there's pretty much a cart for someone everywhere. Even those imported from Detroit.

    What up Detroit!?!?!?

    Had to stop here after seeing it named as one of the best pizzas in the country. Not that I take those lists serious but it really did sound good and it's a style of pie I like. A little more investigation and it was on my list so we rolled up around 1a after the bars one night and were greeted with some Eminem on the speakers and a wonderful aroma in the air. For those that haven't had Detroit Style Pie it has similarities to Sicilian style pizza (Bakery Squares) and comes double baked in a well oiled square pan. At Via 313 their pans use to hold parts in auto factories back home, talk about authentic! and they must load up the butter in those pans because man is their pie hearty. Buddie would approve. The most common toppings in Michigan are pepperoni and olives which are also loved on burgers around the state. I went with the "Detroiter" which comes with two types of pepperoni both natural casing and smoked. The layers of chewy dough in the crust were met with a crunchy exterior. Money in the bank. F a Jet's, we need a Via 313 in Chicago pronto!

    ♫Now this looks like a pie for me, so everybody just follow me, because we need a lil more pepperoni♫

    Love Balls Bus
    2908 Fruth St
    Austin, TX 78705
    (512) 765-6286

    Mellizoz Tacos
    1503 S 1st St
    Austin, TX 78704
    (512) 916-4996

    Via 313 Pizza
    1111 E 6th St
    Austin, TX 78702
    (512) 939-1927