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  • - October 29th, 2014, 9:46 am
    - October 29th, 2014, 9:46 am Post #31 - October 29th, 2014, 9:46 am
    Cathy2 wrote:
    Tyrgyzistan wrote:The old maid rite menu was expanded to include some rural Iowa mexican food, and the super tacos look like regular tortillas stuck in the deep fryer to absorb some oil. This place won't make me forget Jake and Walt's The Fort Diner, but its nice to see a place so old still around.

    10th Street Station
    616 10th St
    Fort Madison, IA 52627

    "Rural Iowa mexican food" is a new genre to me, are there any other characteristics?


    Obie's West in Maquoketa - "Home of the famous taco"

    This is definitely a new one for me, and an appropriate post for Halloween week. Obie's West is a popular stop with locals from around it's way and also bikers riding around the river. Located about 30 minutes South of Dubuque I cant remember exactly how I'd read about this place but smart money says it was thru googling 'fried tacos' and 'Iowa' together. This was the first stop on the trip to the Tri-Cities region doc'd up above.

    a peak inside

    We were getting there around opening time so no bikers and or drinkers yet but after we sat a few people came in for lunch. The fried taco was why we were there and we each ordered one with ground beef inside.

    Menu - "We have made "our" version of Mexican food since 1982"

    Your version of Mexican food is the weirdest I've ate to date. I know we've had discussion on it before and it doesn't mean the food will be good or bad but there wasn't a sign of a Hispanic person in sight, maybe a Roseanne Connor or two working the bar but thats it. I've ate alot of fried tacos but never anything like this.

    The Famous "Taco"

    What you're seeing is what I perceived to be some sort of pita/pizza dough combination that takes a quick trip into the deep fryer before getting stuffed with beef that can best be described as well spiced loose meat. On top of that goes the holy trinity of gringo trailer parks nationwide, of course it wouldn't be complete without a side of sour cream. This didn't taste like a taco. It had the flavor profile of some pita sandwich bought at 3am from a mysterious cart on a random European city street. Except it wasn't the meat that was the mystery, what the hell was up with the pita/tortilla that had the consistency of play-dough I'll never know. I'll also never have a valid idea as to how people eat these, not just the fact they're so damn scary but also because they're the equivalent of a medium supreme pizza, a heart attack waiting to happen. That said, I heard one girl order three and she didn't look like the type to share. If there is a next time it'll be when I find myself at the bar with the clock nearing Midnight and the bottle of moonshine in front of me nearing on empty. Despite all this, I'm glad we stopped in, never had anything like it and I try and experience most everything at least once.

    I lived to tell it all

    Obie's West
    3610 173rd Ave
    Maquoketa, IA 52060
    (563) 652-9074