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  • Post #91 - January 6th, 2020, 8:37 am
    Post #91 - January 6th, 2020, 8:37 am Post #91 - January 6th, 2020, 8:37 am
    yeah I loved that article. I lived in Peoria from birth to 23, but I've never been to Larry's Driftwood or the Red Barn. Davis Bros is good though I don't think it was mentioned. My go to's:

    Tyroni's in Bartonville
    Butch's frozen pizza (namely the white sausage/garlic)
    Pizza Works

    When we are in town visiting family, I almost always pick up about 8-10 Butch's pizzas to take back home for the freezer. I was sad when Aggie's stopped making the frozen pizzas.
  • Post #92 - January 6th, 2020, 8:46 am
    Post #92 - January 6th, 2020, 8:46 am Post #92 - January 6th, 2020, 8:46 am
    jimswside wrote:One new spot this past Sat. and a couple must visits for me when I am in Peoria.

    New spot - Raber Packing


    Kind of similar to Peoria Meatpacking in Chicago. Pretty much any part of the pig you want. Plenty of beef, etc. I went with some beef snack sticks - I try to get them at every butcher I go to - as well as some of their housemade bologna - I am on a fried bologna sandwich kick since getting back from Nashville. - Snack sticks passed the test, bologna might be better than my favorite Daisy Brand -

    Raber Packing
    1413 N. Raber Rd.
    West Peoria, IL.

    Reason I went so light on purchases at Raber Packing is I was heading next to Pottstown Meats - One of my favorite meat spots - specifically because they have beautiful Kilgus Farms pork and beef for a fair price(the anti-hipster butcher if you will). Went with my favorite steak around - the aged bone in sirloin -

    brilliant that:


    also some beautiful Kilgus bb ribs -


    la bomba:


    In case people weren't aware, Raber burned down in Nov 2018. They are going to rebuild though.

    "Raber is currently closed due to the fire, but we can still cater your event
    Raber’s Catering is here to help you create the perfect menu for your party, event or wedding.

    Exciting things are happening at Raber!
    Raber returns in Fall of 2020 to a new location, 2920 W. Farmington Road in West Peoria..."