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    Post #1 - May 6th, 2019, 7:18 pm
    Post #1 - May 6th, 2019, 7:18 pm Post #1 - May 6th, 2019, 7:18 pm
    Didn’t see a general St. Croix thread, just a couple of very specific threads by Mr. Hammond and this didn’t seem to fit those. Should have posted this a few weeks ago, since I don’t recall many details anymore.

    Stayed with dear friends at their villa on the East End. We had a great time, quite a bit to see (loved the botanic gardens) and lots of great beaches (Isaac’s was our favorite). We were surprised to find really good food, but they have good places scoped out. Eating out is from not cheap to a crazy expensive meal at Galangal. We were very lucky our friends had all of our meals (and itineraries) planned and reservations made.


    Too Chez, Good meal in their courtyard, but the weakest meal out. Also my least favorite setting and vibe.

    40 Strand, good dinner on a lovely evening outside, streetside. Would return.

    Galangal, good Thai in an elaborate room, but our tab with drinks and wine was completely nuts compared to Thai in Chicago. If it weren’t for the prices, would go back.

    A nice dinner at balter, in a nice room (no outdoor dining), but another place I felt was a bit expensive, but heard that they spend a ton for the renovation of the building. Seemed to have an excellent cocktail program and was evident with an awesome Manhattan.

    We also had a late dinner at home, poolside, one night after a nighttime kayak in the bioluminescent bay. Picked up homemade Ital (vegan Rastafarian stew) they buy from a lady named Gina who makes it over a fire by the side of the road. Also made a great salad with fresh local produce. They are also fans of an Ital from a guy named Willow who sets up in Frederiksted.


    Our first afternoon was an audible and we had way better pizzas (and salad) than need to be in a touristy spot of Christiansted overlooking the harbor at The Mill Brick Oven Pizza.

    Loved our Sunday brunch at Ce Bo Ne overlooking a REALLY cool old courtyard. While the food was really good, again, a bit on the high side. Would return.

    A lovely lunch on Café Christine’s front porch, overlooking a very cool courtyard. Nancy and I ate vegan dishes, which were OK, but our friends rave about this place so, our dishes weren’t probably the best options. Very tranquil lunch. Would return.

    Really enjoyed a new restaurant, Salt Great Pond, with a nice bucolic ocean view. Really enjoyed a lamb stew from a local lamb farm, Jimmy Nelthropp Farm. Would return.

    A great lunch at Uptown Eatery and I had my favorite meal, wahoo picatta with a light parmesan batter with a lemon caper butter, haricot vert, and jasmine rice. Just delicious… Cute and intimate room. Without a doubt, would return in a heartbeat.


    Great cocktails in a cool little lounge called BES. Also enjoyed drinks at the Common Cents Pub.

    Stopped one afternoon for chocolates and delicious baked goods at a really good spot in the middle of nowhere called Mahogany Road Chocolates. It is run by several English women.

    After chocolates and treats stopped for a beer for ourselves at the Domino Club and O’Doul’s for the pigs.

    Stopped at a local market with local produce and lots of really good homemade hot sauces.

    17 Church Street, Christiansted

    Ci Bo Ne
    227 King Street, Frederiksted

    Uptown Eatery
    2220 Queen Cross St, Christiansted

    Cafe Christine
    6 Company St, Christiansted, St Croix 00820

    The Mill Brick Oven Pizza
    1 Strand St., Christiansted

    Salt Great Pond
    Hartmann_s Estate, Christiansted 00820

    40 Strand Eatery
    40 Strand Street, Christiansted, 00820

    Too Chez
    53 King St. Suite B, Christiansted

    39 Queen Cross St, Christiansted

    BES Craft Cocktail Lounge
    53B Company Street, Christiansted

    Common Cents Pub
    2110 Company Street, Christiansted

    Mahogany Road Chocolates
    Mahogany Road, Frederiksted

    Domino Club
    Mahogany Road, Frederiksted