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Happy 7th Anniversay, LTHforum!

Happy 7th Anniversay, LTHforum!
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  • Happy 7th Anniversay, LTHforum!

    - May 30th, 2011, 9:59 pm
    - May 30th, 2011, 9:59 pm Post #1 - May 30th, 2011, 9:59 pm
    In the beginning, there were twelve moderators/apostles, here presented alphabetically: Bruce Cook (Bruce), Peter Daane (ddanne), Aaron Deacon, David Dickson (Dicksond), Rob Gardner (Vital Information), Michael Gebert (Mike G), Melissa Graham (MAG), David Hammond, Eric Hill (Erik M), Cathy Lambrecht (Cathy2), Gary Wiviott (G Wiv), and Seth Zurer. Erik decided he did not want any administrative role almost immediately, and so left to become a legend.

    Michael Morowitz (eatchicago) began helping with the technical side within two years, when Seth got a new job and was unable to do so. He became a moderator, a position he relinquished to start Local Beet. Joe Germuska is now the man with the tech expertise.

    The most excellent Ron Kaplan (ronnie_suburban) came on as a mod in what seems like recently but was certainly years ago; eGullet’s loss, our immeasurable gain.

    Gary Wiviott is the human face of LTH, kind of like Queen Elizabeth is to England. For years he’s been the front man, the go-to guru, the uber eater, the man VI called the Ultimate Chowhound, who speaks with authority for the board, named after one of his emblematically unsung favorite restaurants.

    What Gwiv said above about this being a site created by the community chorus is without doubt true.

    Another fun fact: The only person to have read all LTH posts, ever written by any one, the dining den mother of us all: C2

    I anticipate corrections – I mean, no one was taking notes (exactly).
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