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GNR Renewals 2014

GNR Renewals 2014
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    Post #1 - December 3rd, 2014, 9:48 am
    Post #1 - December 3rd, 2014, 9:48 am Post #1 - December 3rd, 2014, 9:48 am
    As mentioned in June, we have decided to change the process for GNR Renewals this year. New GNRs are awarded for a two year term at the end of which they are evaluated for renewal. Once a GNR is renewed, it is re-evaluated every two years.

    In the past, GNR Renewals was conducted as a site-wide discussion that reviewed the restaurants/resources that were up for renewal. When the program first began, each GNR was evaluated in a separate discussion thread. Over time, as the number of GNRs grew and some GNRs had been renewed multiple times (GNRs were first awarded in 2005!), the GNR Committee focused the discussion on the places we felt most needed it. This process was effective at highlighting which GNRs hadn't been talked about recently, but we felt that it didn't promote thoughtful discussion.

    This year, we tried a new approach. First, we sought volunteers from the board to aid in the evaluation process. These volunteers, along with the GNR Committee members, considered the list of GNRs up for renewal to determine which restaurants/resources either had decreased in quality or required more discussion before making a decision. At that point we invited several members of the community that had participated in the GNR discussion in the past to provide their input on renewals. In all, 20 board members, including the GNR Committee, were involved in the process.

    At every step of the process, the most important factor in making a determination was board posts. However, this year we asked individuals to consider their recent experiences as well. We recognize that people do not feel compelled to post about every meal they have, particularly at old favorites where it can be hard to add something new to the discussion.

    In the end we decided that all the GNRs up for renewal should remain on the list. I was very encouraged to see how many people continue to visit and love so many GNRs even when discussion on the board has been quiet. The primary goal of this process was to determine if each GNR continues to do what made it special enough to be awarded. We will continue this process next year which will give even more board members an opportunity to participate in the renewal process. If there are any questions about the process or the GNRs in general, please feel free to pm me at any time.

    -Onur, for the GNRs

    GNR Renewals 2014

    Class of 2006
    Birrieria Reyes de Ocotlan
    Burt's Place
    Calumet Fisheries
    Cemitas Puebla
    Elephant Thai
    Gene & Jude's Red Hot Stand
    Honey 1 BBQ
    Johnnie's Beef
    Katy's Dumpling House
    La Quebrada
    Nuevo Leon
    San Soo Gab San
    Scooter's Frozen Custard
    Spacca Napoli
    Sticky Rice
    Sunshine Cafe
    Tre Kronor

    Class of 2008
    Al's Deli
    Cajun Connection
    Captain Porky's
    Jimmy's Red Hots
    Marie's Pizza and Liquors
    Maxwell Street Market (Sundays)
    Mekato's Colombian Bakery
    Mixteco Grill
    Moon's Sandwich Shop
    New York Bagel & Bialy
    Prairie Grass Cafe
    Top Notch Beef Burgers
    Violet Hour
    Vito & Nick's Pizzeria

    Class of 2012
    Bad Apple
    Barnaby's of Northbrook
    Big Jones
    Butcher and Larder
    Cho Jung
    Floriole Cafe and Bakery
    Jimmy's Pizza Cafe
    La Chaparrita
    La France Cafe and Crepes
    Lao Hunan
    Nha Hang Vietnam
    Owen and Engine
    Pleasant House Bakery
    Red Hot Ranch
    Rip's Tavern
    Romanian Kosher Sausage Company
    Taqueria Los Gallos #2
    Troha's Chicken and Shrimp House