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Beach Avenue BBQ: Brookfield's Best Barbecue By Far

Beach Avenue BBQ: Brookfield's Best Barbecue By Far
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  • Beach Avenue BBQ: Brookfield's Best Barbecue By Far

    Post #1 - May 27th, 2024, 1:51 pm
    Post #1 - May 27th, 2024, 1:51 pm Post #1 - May 27th, 2024, 1:51 pm
    A quick search to make sure this wasn't already covered, turned up only a brief (positive) mention in a thread about places to eat in Brookfield. If there's a thread I missed, mods should feel free to move this post to the appropriate spot.

    Mrs. Roadhouse and I met some friends who were passing through the area this past weekend and had a true 'Que feast at Beach Avenue BBQ . They came on my radar via "Chicago Food To Go", a WCIU produced show, meant to spur take out business during the pandemic, and still airing in reruns.

    BABBQ is a neat little corner store, successfully walking a fine line between authentic Greasehouse grunge, and the clean, cute piggy-themed decor needed to draw in a suburban clientele.

    Mrs. Roadhouse ordered her own Pulled Chicken Sandwich, which she enjoyed very much. The rest of us split a Meat Sampler consisting of Wagyu Brisket, Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken, Ribs, and Hot Links. They were out of Links, so substituted a generous portion of Rib Tips. All the meats were stellar. Moist, succulent Brisket was the headliner, but everything was top tier, including the Pulled Chicken, which more often than not is dry and flavorless. At $32 it was a bargain, feeding three people and leaving enough leftovers for two more meals.

    No sides were included, so we ordered Slaw, Beans, Mac & Cheese, Elotes, and House Made Chips. Corn, Chips, and M&C were all winners. The Beans were good, but not noteworthy. The only weak link, IMO, was the creamy style Slaw, which lacked punch. I like my Slaw with an acid component that wasn't there. I grabbed a packet of Gulden's Brown Mustard from the condiment table and added a squirt. It helped a lot, but a shot of white wine vinegar in the initial recipe would make a big improvement.

    There were several specials that day including a Pulled Pork Banh Mi, and a Smoked Pork Chop. I considered both, but when I saw the chop being served to another table, my mind was made up. For $20 we got a double bone chop, at least two inches thick, coated with a fantastic BBQ Rub, and a massive portion of Mashed Skin-On Red Potatoes. Brilliant!

    Also, FWIW, a guy at the table next to us was chowing down on the Banh Mi, and said it was delicious. It looked pretty damned good from where I was sitting.

    Just to give some context, Mrs. Roadhouse is originally from Kansas City, MO. Over the last 44+ years of marriage, we've made well over a hundred visits there, and checked out a LOT of the BBQ joints across the KCMO metro area. Whenever I try a new 'Que spot anywhere in the country, I ask myself, "Would this place make it in KC?"

    In the case of Beach Avenue BBQ, the answer is a resounding "Yes!" They'd survive and thrive among a very 'Que savvy population. Locally, I'd put them in the same tier as Smoque and Lem's.

    Do yourself a favor and make the drive to Brookfield. I hear they even have a zoo in town if you're looking for something to do after lunch.


    Beach Avenue BBQ
    3453 Grand Blvd.
    Brookfield, IL 60513
    (708) 255-5025