Article Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines for the Homepage

Our food journal page is designed to spotlight the diversity and excitement of the Chicago culinary scene. We welcome contributions from both professional writers and members of the community.

Any topic that might reasonably be discussed in our forums will be considered. We will publish features, profiles, personal experiences, informational and how-to pieces, interviews, commentary and other articles – but we will set the parameters of each before anything is written down.

If you wish to write for’s homepage, please feel free to go through our writer approval/idea submission process. To begin with, we ask that you provide the following:

1. A description of who you are and your relevant background within, or outside of,

2. Several samples of writing or links to your work, preferably focused on food or the restaurant scene. These should prove that you can write in’s preferred tone (casual, friendly, informative) and that you can be accurate and professional as well.

3. Three well thought-out proposals for story ideas and how much time you require to complete them.

We ask that our writers provide us with a W-9 form along with signed copies of both our contract and the LTHForum Freelance Writer Guidelines. We provide financial compensation for each article we accept, but will not normally reimburse for expenses incurred.

To submit or to request more information about this process, please contact Helen Lee at