2015 Holiday Party, 12/10 @ 6 PM, Analogue

We’re really excited to announce that this year’s Holiday Party will be held at LTH favorite and 2015 GNR, Analogue. Since it opened in late 2013, Analogue has been a popular choice among LTHers and non-LTHers, and has distinguished itself with some of the finest food and beverage in town. We hope that you’ll join us for what promises to be a delicious, festive and memorable evening.


Appetizers, 6-7 pm
Boudin stuffed beignets
Cajun meat pies
Pimento cheese toast
Pickled deviled eggs
Chicken liver pate crostini

Dinner, 7:00
Fried Chicken Dinner (Buffet)
Fried Chicken
Dirty Rice
Mashed Potatoes

Bread pudding with rum sauce and pecans

N/A beverages included

A non-buffet vegetarian main course option will be available (only) to those who order it in advance. You can select this option at the time of ticket purchase.

Menu is subject to change.

Tickets are set at $40.00 (plus a $1.50 Paypal transaction fee). That total price includes dinner, tax, and tip. Cocktails, Wine & Beer are on your own tab. All ticket sales will go through Paypal, though you do not need a Paypal account to buy tickets. Ticket sales close at noon, on Monday December 7. Once you’ve paid, we’ll enter your name(s) on the guest list. Attendance is limited to 65. Tickets are non-refundable though they are transferable, so if you buy a ticket and your plans change, you can sell your ticket to another member of the LTH community. If you do sell your ticket, please let us know who you sold it to.

Tickets are sold out.

Please email mmiller@lthforum.com to be placed on a waiting list in the event tickets become available. Please specify if your party would be 1 or 2 guests.

Quantity of Attendees:
Vegetarians in your party
LTH Username(s)

Event Details

Thursday, December 10
6pm to 10pm

2523 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 904-8567

Gift Exchange

The Gift Exchange has been a part of our yearly celebrations since we held our first such event at Klas. If you want, please bring a food-related raffle item. For the raffle/gift exchange, all gifts go into a pool and names are drawn. If you do bring a gift, you get a ticket and are guaranteed one gift in exchange. We’ve set the price for each gift around $15. Please don’t wrap the gift — we like to see what people are winning before they win it — but please do put your name (real name or screen name or both) on the gift so that lucky winners know who to thank.

Give Back

Mamagotcha has graciously agreed to collect items for the Greater Chicago Food Depository. She’s posted a list here of the items that are most needed this time of year. Just bring them to the party and we’ll make sure they get to people who need them.

Guest List

Shortly after you’ve paid, we’ll enter your name on the guest list below:

1. ronnie_suburban
2. julie_suburban
3. milz50
4. mrs. milz50
5. stevez
6. Chow Poodle
7. Boudreaulicious
8. justjoan
9. JoelF
10. SueF
11. Cynthia
12. nr706
13. moetchandon
14. RAB
15. REB
16. Pairs4life
17. BR
18. Cathy2
19. David Hammond
20. Carolyn Berg
21. irisarbor
22. guest of irisarbor
23. JimTheBeerGuy
24. Saint Pizza
25. Pie Lady
26. mbh
27. Teresa
28. laikom
29. mhl
30. labmom53
31. bernard
32. kuhnbaya
33. guest of kuhnbaya
34. petite_gourmande
35. peedee
36. guest of peedee
37. Giovanna
38. edc
39. guest of edc
40. EvA
41. Cabbagehead
42. Less Is More
43. guest of Less Is More
44. Leek
45. Leekman
46. guest of mbh
47. guest of mbh
48. Arlund
49. guest of Arlund
50. guest of Cathy2
51. guest of Cathy2
52. gastro gnome
53. JimInLoganSquare
54. Mrs. JimInLoganSquare
55. Borborigmy
56. Shirley Copland
57. Ernest Christmas
58. GAF
59. Ms. Ingie
60. Toria
61. glennpan
62. LVGamer
63. Cinnamon Girl
64. Mamagotcha
65. Chouxfly
66. DocNik
67. guest of DocNik

waiting list:
susan13 (2)