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Who we are

LTH Forum is a Chicago-focused chat website for people who know and care too much about food. We currently have over 15,000 members, and we hold a unique place in the Chicago food media world. Our various programs include a popular discussion forum, a widely-recognized awards program/restaurant guide, and community events that are both frequent and well attended. These programs allow LTH Forum to offer unique, multi-touch advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

About our site

LTH Forum consists of three discrete parts:

Articles: Our article page acts as a journal on food and related topics, primarily in Chicago, drawing both from our members and journalists.

Chat Forums: Here, our members discuss restaurants, travel, shopping, cooking, gardening, and other food-related topics. This section is the heart of our site, allowing everyone to participate and contribute their images, opinions, and news. The forums give our site its reputation for being a culinary trailblazer and tastemaker—because we are what our members make us. Dialogue among people with the most sophisticated palates in town is why LTH Forum is the place to hear about big trends, new restaurants, and exciting developments in the food world.

The Great Neighborhood Restaurant Program: Casually referred to as the GNRs, the Great Neighborhood Restaurant Award acts as a guide to restaurants and food retailers in the greater Chicagoland area.

About the community

LTH Forum is much more than a virtual chat site. Community members often arrange dinners and outings together, and meet regularly on a casual basis. They also participate in three official, annual dining events: the GNR awards dinner, the Christmas dinner, and the annual picnic. For more about our community and members, please contact Matt Miller at

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

Page sponsorship – Includes your banner ad on selected pages, including the home page, any of the forums, or the Great Neighborhood Restaurant/Resources page.

Article Sponsorship – You may sponsor recurring articles on a theme relating to your business, which can include certain types of food, drink, travel destinations and more. This assures the continued presence of such content, along with recognition of your sponsorship.

Event sponsorship – Applies to any of our three major events: the Christmas dinner, fall picnic or GNR awards dinner. Available levels of sponsorship range from simple giveaways to be offered at the events, to all-encompassing marquee-level sponsorships. We can also arrange sponsored special events, such as dinners or tastings.

Integrated sponsorship – You can combine any of the above sponsorships for maximum exposure online and off. For example, you might consider a full GNR program sponsorship that includes a banner ad on the homepage, a mention of the sponsor along with the program, marquee sponsorship of the presentation dinner and a custom GNR guide. Or you could sponsor a series of articles on a topic, such as cocktails, along with the related discussion area – in this case, the Something to Drink forum.

Please contact us to discuss the custom package that makes the most sense to you and we will quote you a price.

NOTE: LTH Forum is a site that provides unbiased, independent reviews of products and services. As such, we reserve the right to review and approve all sponsors in order to manage any potential conflicts.

For more information, please contact Matt Miller at