Community Events

Tacquiera El Teache
Andy Gould and Danny Shapiro of Scofflaw at LTH’s Great Neighborhood Restaurant Awards dinner.

LTH Forum is more than an online community. We love to get together offline (yes, in person!) to eat and drink. So, if you want to join a group of adventurous eaters and drinkers, or just want to socialize with some of the people you have “met” online, please join us! And if you want to share an event you have arranged, or see if a group will join you, please feel free to post about your event. Before you do that, though, check out our guidelines for event organizers.

In addition to a multitude of member-organized get-togethers throughout the year, LTH Forum also hosts 3 major “official” events each year:

April – Great Neighborhood Restaurants (GNR) Awards Banquet
September – The LTH Forum Picnic
December – The LTH Forum Holiday Party

Upcoming Events